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St John's Shopping Centre, which was designed by architect James A. Roberts, opened in 1969.

Considerations were made by Liverpool City Council in relation to a possible relocation of the shopping market as part of a larger redevelopment proposal for the centre. Land Securities, the then owner of the shopping centre, was aiming to start the refurbishment in early 2009 with the market moving in 2010 if the proposals went ahead.[1][7]

In March 2013 St John's shopping centre was acquired by InfraRed Capital Partners for £76.5 million.[8]

Work started in July 2013 to completely refurbish and renovate the food court. The £1.6 million refurbishment, which was carried out by Graham Interior Fitout,[9]dramatically modernised the lower-ground area as well as the atria around the escalators and the first floor balustrading. Work took until November 2013 to complete.[10]

In June 2016, St John's Market closed for a £2 million refurbishment. Following the completion of the refurbishment, the market is now spread over two floors around a central atrium with a number of enhancements, such as the installation of WiFi and new public toilets.[11] The refurbishment has also seen an increase in the number of stalls in the market from 90 to approximately 120.[12] The market reopened after the completion of the refurbishment on 25 November 2016.[13]


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