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So, my mom's birthday warranted going to dinner at the restaurant of her choice. Lately, she's been on a Thai kick (not sure how that started) and this place was smack-dab next door to where we were getting (at her request) pedicures. We did not have a reservation, but we saw that we didn't need one-and were seated right away. We sat in a booth in the corner and I was immediately regretting not bringing my own chair. The bench's cushion was completely deteriorated and I was bouncing on just a spring. It took a while to get situated to not notice it as much. I'm not familiar enough with Thai food to know what to order, but each item had a pretty good description of the ingredients. Pictures would have been really nice for the uneducated diner such as myself, but I attempted to find something based on the written description. I ended up getting the Laab, but I preferred the beef my wife ordered and the chicken curry my mom had. Since they are both nice to me, they were willing to split everything and we all tried a little of everything.


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Charlie Kemp

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