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Rococo is a coffee shop located in the Amazon Arizona building in South Lake Union. While it is located in an office building, it is situated in the public area so it is open to all. I work in this building so this is my go to spot when I need a coffee or pastry and don't want to go too far.

The interior of the coffee shop is rather small. The coffee bar is situated next to the pastry case and below it is the fridge case with items like breakfast burritos, sandwiches and salads. There is another fridge case in back with drinks, more salads and cups of Ellenos Greek yogurt. If you want to dine in, there are numerous tables and chairs outside the shop that you can sit on.

Have actually only ordered a coffee here once. The latte was fine, though I have had better elsewhere. Price wise it was a little higher than Starbucks. I come here mostly to grab a pastry which they have an eclectic selection of with offerings like homemade pop tarts and rice crispy treats using different types of cereals like Cocoa Puffs and Kix. Their biscuits and scones are good too.

The meal items here like the breakfast burritos and salads here are good and not too pricey considering it is SLU. And the cups of Ellenos are priced lower than buying them down the street at Whole Foods. Glad to have this coffee shop in my building. It is nice to know that I only have to travel downstairs if I want to get a workday drink or snack.


  • Free Wifi:✔
  • Air-conditioned:✔
  • Paid parking:✔
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Tyler Johnson

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