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I had a business lunch at Lane's, located in the Marriott Park Lane hotel. It has great ground floor views across to Marble Arch. It's quiet. It's elegant in a modern way.

We order a bottle of wine. One of the things I'm pleasantly amazed at it Lane's carries Chine wine. We had a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. It ran about 36£.

I ordered the salad nicoise. It was excellent and included good sized pieces of tuna, pink on the inside.

My guest ordered the ribeye steak. I was a little disappointed. By American standards, it looked more like the size steak you get with steak frites, not a big ribeye! He was happy with it. The sauces and sides are extras, by the way.

I like coming to lunch here. They do a good job


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Tyler Johnson

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Charlie Kemp

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Corals Member

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5 years ago

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